I, Chelene Nightingale, am truly just your average American who has enjoyed a few adventures along the way.  At the young age of 15, “scouted” to model by a prominent agent in Portland, OR.  I modeled in other cities such as Seattle, New York, Los Angeles and even clients in Italy, France & Japan.  But eventually left the catwalk for another stage – the theatre!  Although never on the Hollywood A-list, B-list or even the D-list, I did enjoy some roles on television (Northern Exposure, The Nanny, Days of Our Lives, and more), commercials (Clairol, Pay-n-Save, etc..), film (Operation Terror, Girl Crazy, Jerry Maguire, – yes Tom Cruise was super nice!  Legendary AD, Jerry Ziesmer, actually drove me in a golf cart – a pinch me must be dreaming moment!  My favorite script writer/director Cameron Crowe complimented me on the set – my never forget moment!) and many plays (my absolute favorites – Steel Magnolias, I’m Not Rappaport. Proof).

After a few years working in the entertainment industry (both in front of the camera and behind the camera), I departed to be a stay-at-home-schooling mother!  My absolute favorite “role” in life!  However becoming a mom and a “born again Christian” (years of the prodigal daughter days behind me) changed my outlook of the world.  Suddenly I cared passionately about both the status of “church and state”, so I joined other liberty-minded, patriotic Americans and organized marches, rallies and citizen lobbying efforts.  These activities attracted the attention of prominent leaders within the Republican, Libertarian and Constitution Parties.  In fact, the Constitution Party asked me to campaign for governor in California for which I accepted the honor.  Our little “Nightingale for Governor” campaign garnered historic high votes breaking both state and national records.

After the campaign, I received public speaking event and writing invitations.  One of the books for which I contributed is “How to Run for Office on a Liberty Platform”.  (Currently writing a couple of books.)

Another project for which I was invited to participate was to host a blogtalk radio show (now on hiatus after 2 years): www.thewakeupmissionshow.com.

Finally at this point in my journey, I am focused on being a homeschooling mom and entrepreneur!  (Take a look at both my “Paycheck from Home” and “Vida Divina” pages.)  Hope you will join me on this journey as we enjoy the many thrills and challenges of parenting and being your own boss!

Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.” (3 John 1:2)